"Do you charge a travel fee?"

No, I do not.  My prices include my travel expenses for California weddings.  Destination weddings are a case by case situation.  Keep in mind, I LOVE to travel, so getting me to hike up some exotic mountain to say your vows is not impossible!!  I have shot in San Francisco, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Livermore, Oakland, Mendocino, Point Arena......I can go on for a while....You get my point, I travel! 


"Do I get the rights to my images? Do you give me my files?"

Yes.  I don't believe that I should hold your images ransom after your wedding, purely to make more money out of you.  I don't even believe the images are mine, they are YOUR memories and YOUR images.  I have gone "green" and am sending my couples a download password to retrieve all their finished, high resolution images.  It's very simple but if for any reason you are not of the technically minded, I can send a thumb drive upon request for an additional $50.00


"Do you give me unedited images?"

God No!  You will never see an image unless I have touched it, tweaked it and made it perfect!  That's my job. 


"Can we get a few Black & White images?"

You can get as many B&W images as you like, any image can be turned B&W.  While editing your wedding, I take the creative license to choose images that I think have a more artistic, romantic, interesting look in B&W, and change them.  Usually you will have about 15-20% of your wedding images color shifted to B&W, some weddings more, some weddings less, depending on the look of your wedding.  Sometimes I use it to cover not so amazing lighting situations that just couldn't be helped, it makes miracles!

"How long have you been Taking pictures?  Shooting weddings?"

I started taking pictures at a very young age, my dad handed me a film camera, a Nikon actually, and I never really stopped, I loved people and capturing them in action, in emotion, in their personal life story.  I had my own dark rooms, I took classes in college, I continued my education over the years and through the switch from film to digital.  I still try and take refreshing classes or workshops so that my style doesn't get stuck and old, I like to challenge myself and improve upon my skills constantly.  I started shooting weddings when I moved here from LA in 2008, I wanted my kids to grow up in the country, playing with animals and in the dirt, that was when my lifelong hobby became a vocation and I started Jade Turgel Photography and began doing weddings, engagement shoots, family and newborn sessions.  

"Is it Okay if my wedding is in several locations in one day?  Do you charge extra for multiple locations? 

Of course, this is your day.  However you create your day, its my job to document and hand you back the story with the best of my ability. I do not charge extra for multiple locations.  

"What sets Jade Turgel Photography apart from other wedding photographers?"

I am not your conventional "wedding Photographer".  I am a story teller, my film background adds to the editorial, and story oriented way in which I capture the day, the family, the baby....I don't use a lot of soft filters and make things look unrealistic and vague.  I give you popping, vibrant, colorful, alive, fun, emotional images that capture your day authentically.  I am also very low stress but can take charge and tell people what to do or not to do if you need me to.  I really become a friend to the couple during the process and am personally invested that you will have an amazing day, with amazing images to show it.  I know how to get the groom, or guys to relax and have a good time in front of the camera, and yes, everyone tells me they aren't comfortable in front of a camera, but don't worry you are in good hands!  I really love people, all kinds of people, I don't judge, I am here to support you on your special day!


"Have you ever called in sick to a wedding or just not showed up?"

NO, next question!!  This is a once in a lifetime experience, I take it very seriously, I am often booked a year in advance, I don't take it lightly!!