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On the wedding day, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, but definitely step in and help and guide if necessary. I truly wish to make every couple feel special and seen, and make their wedding day as stress free and fun as I possibly can. I am organized and we plan ahead to avoid any hiccups. I encourage my brides to use Pinterest to communicate with me their visual aesthetic and we sometimes even plan shots we want to produce on the special day! I try not to force pose my couples too much, I COMPOSE them, I place them in beautiful light, with a pretty background and try to inspire them to be themselves with each other and capture those sweet authentic moments of familiarity between them. One of my specialties is working with people who don’t like to be photographed, many a groom has walked out of a session with me saying, “that wasn’t that bad, it was actually pretty fun!” Expect a lot of laughter, kissing, snuggling and all the things that make your relationship shine. These make the best photos! The moments between the posing, those are the priceless pieces that I love to hand back to you. I love spending people’s most memorable and special day with them, it’s an honor and I treat it as such.

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Being a mother of 3 and a lover of all animals, I simply love and adore capturing families. Yes, I love taking photos of children and animals! I place my family, child, senior, pregnant mama, in a beautiful environment, with gorgeous natural light and the rest is magic! My family photo sessions are fun, lighthearted, easy and render gorgeous, dramatic, emotionally charged images. I schedule early in the morning or right before sunset, I encourage parents to let their kids be free and run around and see how much fun we are having taking photos that they want to be included rather than try and force and bribe. I work with many families for years following their family as they grow and add to their family, be that with more children, dogs or rabbits 🙂

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I have shot events from Burning Man to Corporate bank fund raisers, to Senior proms and Bar Mitzvahs. I bring my good nature, understanding of light, and adjust to every new environment as needed to deliver great images of people looking their best!

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There are so many businesses trying to separate themselves out from the masses, and GREATphotos, with a personal feel, are one of the best ways to do that. Your business culture needs to be documented, shared and experienced by the onlookers! Gone are the days of stiff stale business shots, it’s so much more powerful to bring a vibe, an essence, a story to your clients and that’s what I do when I come and capture your company and hand you back tons of images for social, web and content.

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