I LOVE how Amy & Sacha included a strong element of their culture and heritage, this was displayed with Russian elements sprinkled throughout the decor.

Anyone who knows Russion culture knows they love their vodka!  I tried a shot at the end of the night, it was so smooth and tasty!

Everything had a simple elegance about it.  This was a no fuss couple, using the beauty of nature and their love to do the job!

The Vinehill House is one of my favorite places to shoot a local wedding, everwhere you point the camera is gorgeous! The vines, the barn, the road, all of it!

Family was a huge part of the day, there were almost as many kids at their celebration as adults!  Gorgeous family! Gorgeous light!  Everyone was dressed to compliment eachother, it was amazing!

The Vinehill House just re did their brides room, mirrors everywhere! yes..

I love shooting the rings in flowers, Im obsessed!

Overall, amazing couple!  Sweet, simple, elegant and fun to work with! Thanks Amy & Sacha for making my job fun.